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The MHS JSA Chapter community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The JSA community for Marlborough High

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(no subject) [Jan. 10th, 2006|02:49 pm]
The JSA community for Marlborough High

P.S. "Skank of the Nation" means that Becca gets a monthly parade with hott, shirtless men. She is given the title of "Grand Marshall Skankinatior."
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A Bill To Provide Mandatory Funding for the Arts In Public Schools [Jan. 10th, 2006|02:54 pm]
The JSA community for Marlborough High

Presented by Amanda McSweeney and Rich Chouinard

Over ninety percent of Americans believe that music education is vital to a student's education. Numerous studies have proven that studying music boosts test scores, reduces drug abuse, and enhances abstract reasoning skills. Yet as schools need to save money, music, along with other art courses, are among the first things cut.

BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America:

1. Public schools will hold arts courses (defined for this purpose as the fine arts, performing arts, and music) in the same regard and priority level as the academic courses.

2. Funding for the arts will be equal to funding for athletic programs.

3. This bill will to into effect September 1, 2007.
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Bill Idea [Jan. 10th, 2006|02:37 pm]
The JSA community for Marlborough High

Resolved, that Becca Baur is a wicked nasty skank.

Becca is the most promiscuous young lady at MHS. Every day I see her arms linked with 23847932 boys. Ew. Gross.

Article 1: Becca is given the title "Skank of the Nation."

Article 2: I should probably write my bill now.
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BilLZzZ!!!!!!1 (Reff's Done Bill) [Jan. 8th, 2006|11:15 pm]
The JSA community for Marlborough High
[mood |drunkanthromorphic]

A Bill to Prevent Weight-Based Parking Priveliges

Sponsored by: Senator Jeff Rhoten of Marlborough High School
Representative _________ << PLEASE, SOMEBODY SIGN UP FOR THIS!

Overly heavy people are being granted handicapped parking privileges on account of their weight, and weight alone. Americans are the most overweight people of any nation in the world, but parking privileges will not help to solve this problem; if anything, this gives people a bonus for being fat, and will work against efforts to slim down America. It is therefor in best interests of the nation to deny handicapped parking privileges to the overweight.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, that:

Section 1: No person may obtain handicapped parking privileges for the sole reason of being fat, overweight, or both.

Section 2: The privileges of all person who have received handicapped parking privileges for the sole reason of being fat, overweight, or both are immediately forfeit. These people have one week to turn in their handicap placards/license plates.

Section 3: Any person who does not adhere to the provisions outlined in Section 2 will have his/her license suspended and be fined no more than $500.

Section 4: This bill shall be enacted at on the calendar day immediately following the day it is passed.
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(no subject) [Jan. 3rd, 2006|05:44 pm]
The JSA community for Marlborough High
sorry on the last section of my bill it will start on July 4th 2006 sorry bout that
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Richard's Bill [Jan. 3rd, 2006|03:45 pm]
The JSA community for Marlborough High
A Bill to Ban anything anti-American or Un-American

Sponsored by: Senator ? of Marlborough High School

Representative ? of Marlborough High School

We are supposed to be a single nation that needs to come together. If there are people in our own country who do not support or do anything to help better America then they should be punished. For us to be a strong nation everyone needs to unite. How are we supposed to be the strongest nation without inner support? Nationalism is key!

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, that:

Section 1: Any person caught saying or doing anything anti/un American the first and second times will be punished.

Section 2: The punishment for the first two offenses is a fine of $300.00.

Section 3: For a third offense the punishment will be 1 year jail time.

Section 4: For a fourth offense the punishment shall be a public hanging.

Section 5: This bill shall be enacted starting on July 4th, 2007
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My bill [Jan. 3rd, 2006|03:45 pm]
The JSA community for Marlborough High

A Bill to Ban All Forms of Corporal Punishment in Public Schools.

Sponsored by: Senator Emily Miethner of Marlborough High
Representative Melissa Fulham of Marlborough High

Many public schools still use corporal punishment to discipline children. There is no certain evidence that using violence to control students teaches children to behave better. On the contrary, many experts believe that children who are treated violently by adults learn to use violence to get there way in other social situations involving their peers.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, that:

Section 1: No public school teacher, administrator, or any other employee working in a public school shall be allowed use corporal punishment to discipline children.

Section 2: Corporal punishment includes, but is not limited to, any sort of physical violence intended to inflict pain to change the behavior of a student.

Section 3: The minimum punishment a violator of this act will receive is temporary suspension lasting 3 weeks. Depending on the severity of the violation, the maximum punishment will be a voided teachers license.

Section 4: This bill shall be enacted starting at the beginning of every public school’s new school year in 2006.
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If you are going to Winter Congress you MUST submit a draft of your bill here! [Jan. 3rd, 2006|11:34 am]
The JSA community for Marlborough High

[mood |accomplished]

Hey people.

IF you are attending Winter Congress, you MUST use this livejournal space to submit a draft of a bill you will be presenting at the trip by SUNDAY, the 8th.

The reason: All bills must be sent in the registration packet by the 30th. That means we only have 2 more meetings to get the bills drafted, edited, and finished. I want everyone to post so people who know what they are doing can edit the bills of groups that are new. Plus, people who have experience can still benefit from peer editing.

SO. If you are:

  1. Nicole Levay
  2. John McCarthy
  3. Becca Baur
  4. Eric LeFlore
  5. Amanda McSweeney
  6. Elizabeth Saur
  7. Katrina Harris
  8. Kelsey Tsai
  9. Sarah Dougherty
  10. Mike Caputo
  11. Taylor Schlacter
  12. Alexis Lemus
  13. Mona Haynes
  14. Brian Studer
  15. Max Whittemore
  16. Dan Gonzoles
  17. Rich Chouinard
  18. Laura Theis
  19. Jeff Rhoten
  20. Melissa Fulham
  21. Sarah Shaw
  22. Brian Studer
  23. Mike Hurley

I'm pretty sure that's the list of people going on the trip. If I left you out or put you on and you're not going, sorry!

So, if you are on that list, this is what I need you to do:

(this applies to everyone, even if you are not going to speak)

  1. Think of an idea for a bill. (Most people got into groups and came up with an idea last meeting)
  2. Write a draft of the bill using the following format
  3. Create a LiveJournal so you can POST in this community, or post using a name you already have
  4. Then go to our JSA LJ userinfo and to join click the first link at the top that says click here, or try just clicking THIS link to join.
  5. Once you have an LJ and have joined our community, update it.
  6. Write your draft of the bill in this space.
  7. Before you click "update journal" at the bottom, on the left it says "post to." Click on this and choose "jsa_4_mhs" on the drop down menu.
  8. Now when everyone has done this, keep checking back in the community to comment on people's bills to help them edit. This way we get everyone's view point.


It has taken me about an hour to type all this out. Please, take the time to do this. I know most of the people going to Winter Congress dont have a LJ, but please, just take the time to join. It takes about 3 minutes.

This isnt an option, you neeeeed to do this. Since we didn't have a meeting today, taking the time to do the steps above will count as the meeting, because I was going to tak us down to the library to do this today anyway!

I know it may sound weird to make everyone draft a bill because we'll have bills that are pretty much the same...but I don't want to see only one or two people doing all the work. Plus, I want everyone to get the experience.

You can also use this place to post links to sites where you found research for your bill and stoof.

And whatever else.

Use your snow day wisely.

Thanks guys.

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What Upppp! [Dec. 9th, 2005|05:45 pm]
The JSA community for Marlborough High

We had 25 people in attendance this past Tuesday! I'm psyched, because the average last year was only about 10-15 people.

The reslt to the debate was an overwhelming CON.

Resolved: That any American citizen may be elected president, no matter their county of origen.

Pro: 0
Con: 17
Abstentions: 8
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JSA: A Crucial Moment [Dec. 1st, 2005|11:10 am]
The JSA community for Marlborough High

I totally forgot I had shoved this into VHS. It basically sums up JSA :D

The beat of the music was overbearing, but I didn’t notice. I was more focused on the world I had suddenly been thrown into. While my classmates argued whether or not Sadaam Hussein and “my bedroom” could be described as delicious, I was recalling the day’s events. It all seemed very blurry, but the more I was able to concentrate, the better my thoughts became. Was I really here, doing this? Had I broken out of my shell at last?

Snow hit the windshield of the yellow monster as we barreled down the highway towards Danvers. The November sun, if such one existed, was nowhere to be found. Instead, a grey hue was cast over everything, making it light enough for me to read my notes. A debate. I had actually signed up for a debate. I should not have been that nervous; I was a natural born speaker, after all. Somehow, though, speaking in front of one’s elders is about three thousand times less stressful than speaking in front of one’s peers – which was exactly what I was to do the next day.

Just as the leather seats became less offensive to sit on and the coffee and coca had begun to warm us, we were thrown out into the cold again. This time, though, a hotel was waiting for us. After I had stowed my stuff away, I headed to the nearest bathroom to change. Looking back, I had no idea who the girls I was rooming with were. They all seemed very foreign to me. Our crowds just didn’t mix. Now, I was beginning to learn about them all, bit by bit.

I had been completely thrown out of my comfort zone, and I made no effort to turn back.

Six hundred students assembled in the main conference room, and every single one of them proceeded to fall asleep. Listening to the keynote speaker was obviously not a prerequisite, especially not at nine in the morning. It was refreshing to see an entire room yawn at the same time, no matter how professional one looked. I could already feel a bond forming.

I was on a field trip without limits. I could choose where to go: what debates I wanted to see, what thought talks I wanted to join, and what people I wanted to sit next to. We were all clearly in a student-run organization. All of us got a chance to say what we wanted, and a few of our tempers rose through the roof. Even with all of this, the rooms remained surprisingly composed, as everyone was polite enough to respect each other’s opinions. I had never seen such an acceptance like this.

I fell in love that night. After all of the debates, discussions, and general meetings, everybody was welcome to change back into street clothes for an evening in Boston. Riding in was surreal; I could hear someone proclaim that the city was where they were meant to be. The harder I looked, the more I found myself becoming enamored with Boston. The lights of the city welcomed me, and I embraced it with the enthusiasm of a small child. I was spellbound, not knowing where to start, and having even less of a knowledge of where to end. The streets were ours for two glorious hours.

I began to decipher even more about my classmates. I had never realized that these people could be so accepting, and found myself in a circle of people that could easily become my close friends. We were already acting the part, anyway. Snow glazed the sidewalks as we walked back to the bus. It was absolutely glorious.

That is how I ended up on the floor by a coffee table, playing a game I had learned that day. The beat of the music was still strong, but was muffled by the slow melody of the grand piano behind me, and the laughter of the people before me. Smiling, I had realized I had finally found a place; for once, I was sure of where I belonged. Somehow, for once, it all felt right.
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